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Training and certification::- All classes are hands on

ambers Certificate presented at completion, common subject is how to address client concerns, often expressed about the procedure during a consultation, such as discomfort they may experience during the procedural process. Course is designed to get you working as quickly as possible. From your first assignments, you are developing your own styling ideas, turning them into an exciting reality and discovering how to promote your skills.

Students are frequently will learn how they will maintain client comfort, and how to communicate and translate client body language during a procedure. There is special attention to get client trust, positive work place environmental elements, and standard client management techniques employed during the procedure process

My goal when training is:

To provide you with the proper tools and most valuable information to make you satisfy and success in the art of any subject you will be train.

Payment should be made 10 days in advance.

Rescindable notice must be given within 7 days.
No refund or cancellations.
Travel arrangements are your responsibility.


Hair cutting training
The hair cutting course will cover the following:
For Beginner / New Learner Courses

Learn one length and layer cuts. One day 10-5 (hands on)  $100
-Learning about different face shape.
-Shampooing and conditioning
-Blow dry and style with shape.

Learn five different types of hair cut. Four days (hands on) 10-4 $500

Course will cover the following:


-Shampooing and conditioning
-Blow dry straight and with volume and movement
-Learning about different face shapes
-Designing cuts for wavy / curly hair
-Texturising and personalising the haircut
-5 different types of hair cut and more by request. -Each person 3 doll head

Students will bring a kit containing the basic tools required to practice the skills taught containing:
Professional cutting scissors
Cutting comb
Sectioning clips
Wide tooth comb
Cutting cape
Curling iron
Vent brush
2 sizes of round brush
Paddle brush

You will learn

The  basic hair cutting techniques properly, and be able to adapt your new found knowledge into your own style of working, and using the seminars build on that knowledge,
Learn the right way to approach a client -
to understand what your clients asking for - to give them help to arrive at a suitable compromise should another style be a better choice and have them go away happy
Understand the principles of what you are doing which is the key to unlocking your natural abilities and give you a quiet confidence which will impress and relax a new client.
Learn different hair cutting techniques which will impress your client, and your confidence will grow along with your bank balance

Technique-Vidal Sassoon, TONY & GUYS, PIVOT POINT

You will learn, layering, graduation, slide cutting, point cutting, graduation, scissor over comb, razor cutting and clipper cut,

Explanation of the tools required
Gowning up a client for a cut
Holding the Scissors
Parting and Sectioning including a Zig Zag parting
Cutting Fringes Simple One Length Trim
One Length Trim including an Angle
Simple Short Layer Cut, bob, graduation bob, long layer and more.

COLOR-highlight,lowlight,and color correction 5 days $600 (hands on)

Knowledge of hair color chemistry helps hair color specialists more accurately predict the way a certain hair color formula will react with the natural color and condition of a clients hair. They have a working knowledge of the types of hair color available, including permanent, semi-permanent, and temporary. Hair color specialists are also skilled in performing special application techniques, such as highlighting with foil or applying more than one color for special effects. Additional skills include applying highlights, lowlights and color correction. They may

Topics Covered

  • Know the different hair types and textures
  • Know how to properly apply color highlights and lowlights from basic to advance, also gray coverage.
  • Differentiate between the many applications of hair color
  • Provide good customer service

You will learn

Highly skilled and up to date on the latest trends. Any types of hair color are available, including permanent, semi-permanent, and temporary, also skilled in performing special application techniques, such as highlighting with foil or applying more than one color for special effects. Additional skills include applying highlights, lowlights and color correction,  also promoting the fact that your team is one of the best in the area, because you will learn a lot of techniques.

Hair extension: Two days $700 (hands on) Training include:

ambers Client consultation and how to prepare clients for hair extension. Analyzing hair texture of hair. Clients cards and photos. Hands on application, cutting, blending, removal process.
you will learn to highlighting when you are doing hair extension, as many different color variety as you want. You will practice first on doll head and the second day on doll head or the model you will bring.
Hair extension kit provided with class includes:
Pack of remy hair, pulling hooks, application, removal tool, maniquin, micro links.

Permanent Make up
3 days hands on classes $600, with kits $950. 
Students who pursue permanent cosmetic training will learn Permanent Cosmetic Color Theory, and shape.
Permanent Make-Up Eye Brows, Eye Liner & Lips Look beautiful with fuller Lips, enhance your eyes with Eye Liner and define your Eye Brows. Permanent Make-Up looks more natural than pencil.
Theory Topics:
-Understanding Equipment
- Sterilization
-State Regulations
- Marketing
-working on live Models.
- Demonstration and Design
- Eye Brows, Eye Liner, Lips
- Pigments
- Needles

Eyebrows are the frame of the face and when designed correctly they can add symmetry and definition to
lift the eyes and create a more youthful appearance. 
Eye Liner 
Eyeliner can be applied on the top and bottom lashes to dramatically define and enhance the eyes.
Choose a striking or natural look to open up the eyes and make them appear larger and more beautiful.
Lashes look thicker when the line is applied throughout the lashes. This gives the impression of wearing
mascara at all times. Choose colors from a soft brown to the darkest of blacks.
Lip Liner
Permanent Makeup is an excellent way of enhancing the shape and color of your lips. The primary
purpose of this procedure is to correct the color of the lips and enhance the shape of the lips. Lip liner in
any shade can make the lips appear larger and fuller.

Air brush make up-2 days beginner $300


We believe that true experience and confidence is built within a practical setting which is why we are one of the few center that our students and graduates with the opportunity to gain an extensive amount of practical experience at our center.


Air brush make up- 3 days advance$650

This course is focusing on beauty, .Airbrush Training Courses. Learn how to airbrush that teach you in a comprehensive yet easy to follow process, how to create fantastic artworks with total control of the airbrush. This hand on course allows you to get the confidence to control and paint with the airbrush the way you’ve always wanted. You can learn, practice, and master these airbrushing techniques
Amber is grateful for its intimate relationships with the industrys top makeup artists. It puts our products on the faces and bodies. By using a compressor and airbrush gun, micron zed make-up is dispersed so finely that, if applied correctly, it cannot be seen. It gives invisible coverage. There are several different formulas of foundation that can be used. Hydro (water base) gives a natural look.



High Definition
Foundation Blending
Body Makeup
Spray on Tan
Beauty Stenciling
Care and Cleaning of the Airbrush Gun and Compressor

SKINCARE- 5 days $1000 include:


FACIAL- Include: Quick Skin Anatomy, Facial Steaming and Exfoliation.

Performing, extractions. Masque ,Moisturizing oxygen therapy and Special Treatments. On different facial due to different kind of skin. You will learn different kind of facial with different equipment like brushing, vacuum, dermabrasion, micro current, oxygen therapy, and more equipment.
Please bring live model from the second day.

Moderate peeling- different kind of peeling and how to apply right way. And how to take care skin after peeling.

- Eyebrow Shaping
Topics Include: Both waxing and threading methods of Eyebrow shaping. Choosing the right shape for your client. After care advice.

- Eyebrow/Eyelash Tinting:
Topics Include: Choosing correct colors. Color application. Brow shaping.

- Face Waxing
Topics Include: Waxing techniques of eyebrows, chins, sideburns. Additional bonus hours of arms and leg waxing. How to apply waxing right way



This course will cover everything from a to z by hand on with doll head or bring model. This advanced course is good for the students already know the basic.


Different kind of haircuts, hair styling, color, color correction, highlight, lowlight, permanent.


All kind of facial, threading, waxing, make up permanent make up bridal make over, air brush make up, air brush tanning, temporary tattoo, different kind of peeling, and more.

At last day we have fashion show by all students.



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